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We’re seeing it, you’re seeing it. We can’t escape the news and our LinkedIn feed of the latest wave of redundancies within Technology and Sales. Redundancy at work can be a difficult and challenging experience for anyone. It can be emotionally taxing and can cause financial stress. And if you happen to be part of the recent layoffs, we’re here for you.


Firstly, it is important to understand that redundancy is a common occurrence in many industries and is often a result of factors beyond your control, such as restructuring, downsizing, or in many cases – the changes in the market. It is not, we repeat, it is not a reflection of your abilities or worth as an individual.

While redundancy can be a difficult experience, we want you to know that there are also potential upsides to being made redundant. Here are a few:


1. Opportunity for a career or industry change: Redundancy can provide the opportunity to reassess your career goals and make a change if desired. You may choose to explore different industries or roles that align better with your interests and skills.


2. Time to upskill: If you’ve been feeling stuck in your current role or have been wanting to develop new skills, redundancy can provide the time and resources to do so. This can make you a more competitive candidate in the job market and increase your earning potential.


3. Financial compensation: In some cases, redundancy packages can include financial compensation, which can provide some financial stability during the transition. This can also provide the opportunity to take a break and reassess your priorities, or travel, before starting your next job search.


4. Room for growth: Redundancy can provide the chance to grow both personally and professionally. By reflecting on your experiences and skills, you can identify areas for growth and develop a plan for reaching your goals.


5. Better work-life balance: Sometimes redundancy can lead to finding a job with a better work-life balance. This could include a role with flexible working hours, a flexible work environment, a shorter commute, or a better cultural fit.

In short, redundancy can be a difficult and challenging experience, but it is important to remember that it is not the end. By taking care of your emotional and financial well-being, assessing your skills and interests, and seeking support and resources, you can move forward and find new opportunities. Stay positive, motivated, and open-minded, and you will find your way to your next career step.

If you have been impacted by the redundancies lately, please reach out to the team at Nvision, we would love to speak to you to see how we can help!

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